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Когда проходит срок / Когда время выйдет / When Time Expires (1997)

Год: 1997
Страна: США
Режиссёр: Дэвид Бурла
Продюсер: Ларри Эстес , Пол Количман
Сценарист: Дэвид Бурла
Оператор: Дин Лент
Композитор: Тодд Хейен
Жанр: триллер , фантастика
Премьера в мире: 10 мая 1997
Рейтинг MPAA: PG-13

В ролях: Ричард Греко, Синтия Джиари, Марк Хэмилл, Тим Томерсон, Рон Мэйсэк, Пэт Корли, Чад Эверетт, Гэри Ли Дэвис, Рик Крамер, Мэттью Мэхэни   

Описание: The disgraced time trouble-shooter Travis Beck now works for the boring, less glamorous bureau of time statistics and calibration. He is sent back in time to put a quarter in a meter located in a small town on the edge of the Nevada desert in a supposedly simple time calibration exercise. However, everything goes haywire right from the start when he materializes naked in front of June Kelly in the desert, twenty miles from the town. He becomes more suspicious of his mission when his ex-partner, Bill Thermot, arrives to protect him during his simple, routine assignment. The mission becomes even more sinister when Travis discovers that June's father, Walter Kelly, is a retired time trouble-shooter who warns him about the team of assassins, led by Rifkin Koss, who are determined to stop Travis at all costs. Soon the mission becomes a deadly race against time for Travis as he tries to unravel the mystery of this seemingly innocuous event in this backwater town and decides what to do to protect the future.

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