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Флора Спир "Дурман любви".

   Современная бунтарка и ловелас из прежних времен… Чем окончится их противостояние? После измены мужа Кларисса Каммингс не верит мужчинам, но этот чудом посланный ей непохожий на других Джек Мартин… И все же кто сказал, что сердце Клариссы Каммингс так легко завоевать?



Гимн Рождества


 Кэрол Симмонс не ждет ничего хорошего от рождественских праздников. Она вообще не любит Рождество: ведь как раз накануне Рождества, не выдержав позора, застрелился ее отец, незадачливый разорившийся бизнесмен, и событие это круто переменило жизнь девушки, превратив ее, брошенную коварным женихом, в компаньонку вздорной и скупой леди Августы. Но все эти перемены не идут ни в какое сравнение с теми захватывающими и необычайными приключениями, что предстоят девушке в будущем. А может, то было прошлое?



 A Time to Love Again 1994г.


 Transported back to the time of Charlemagne, India Baldwin finds herself in the middle of a battle and takes refuge with the virile Theuderic of Metz, who disgusts India with his barbaric ways.

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A Love Beyond Time 1994г.


Accidentally thrust back to the eighth century by a computer genius's time-travel program, Mike Bailey fell from the sky and landed near Charlemagne s camp. Knocked senseless by the crash, he couldn't remember his name, address, or occupation, but no shock could make his body forget how to respond when he awoke to the sight of an enchanting...

Headstrong and innocent, Danise was already eighteen and almost considered an old maid by the Frankish nobles who courted her. Yet the stubborn beauty chose to risk spending her life cloistered in a nunnery rather than marry for any reason besides
love. Unexpectedly mesmerized by the stranger she discovered unconscious in the forest, Danise was quickly roused by an all-consuming passion -- and a desire that would conquer time itself.

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Любовь раз и навсегда /  Love Once and Forever 1999г.


 A beautiful woman travels back in time and finds love in a past paradise in this time-travel romance from the author of "The Magician's Lover" and "Heart's Magic".

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Timestruck 2000г.


 Are you a spy, Gina? Dominick murmured, his lips against hers." I'm not! she protested. You were eavesdropping. He kissed her again, slowly and thoroughly, until her knees went weak. For what purpose? I'm worried about you. Don't get involved in that crazy scheme to overthrow Charlemagne. In any time, in any place, they kill traitors. So you're worried about me, are you? His thumbs flicked across her nipples. Gina cried out, a wild, aching sob that Dominick silenced with another kiss. His arms encircled her. His large palms caught her hips and pulled her hard against him, letting her feel his desire. Gina almost forgot about eighth-century political plots. Still, she wanted to plead with Dominick to stay out of harm's way. But she knew he'd never agree. Charles was his king, and Dominick was going to step right into the middle of the intrigue. And unless Gina could discover a way back to the twentieth century - fast - he was going to take her along with him . .

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