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Хилл Сандра / Hill, Sandra

Холодный викинг / The Reluctant Viking 1994г.


 Волею судеб преуспевающая деловая американка Руби Джордан переносится из нашего времени в Х век и, встретив там двойника своего мужа - викинга Торка, - узнает, что тысячу лет назад была не менее прекрасной...

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Преступный викинг / The Outlaw Viking 1995г.


 Меч в его руках беспощадно разил врагов, но против чар этой странной, явившейся ниоткуда девушки суровый викинг оказался бессилен. Как пение сирены, одно ее присутствие завораживает и усмиряет его...

Скачать: http://depositfiles.com/files/xbyzyqdcx


Последний викинг / The Last Viking 1998г.



Dr. Meredith Foster comes to Maine to fulfill her grandfather's wish to build a Viking longship. She returns home to find a strange man dressed in a leather tunic, with arm bands and leather boots. Meredith assumes someone is playing a joke because of her project. Gelrolf Ericsson's ship gets caught in a storm, and when he wakes he is holding the figurehead of the ship, but has no idea where he is. Though on a mission for his father in 997, he has awakened in 1997. At first Meredith does not believe he has traveled through time, but evidence seems to point that way. He is fascinated with modern devices from indoor showers to Oreos to "Home Improvement." Rolf is extremely attracted to Meredith and begins courting her Viking style. After they wed in a Viking ceremony, however, Rolf tries, unsuccessfully, to return to his time. For six weeks he ponders the situation, trying to understand why he was sent to Meredith and how he can help his people. Once he finds the answers, Rolf returns to Meredith and discovers he must break through her reserve again.

 THE LAST VIKING is a fun, fast-paced, page turner. The reader feels Sandra Hill's real joy in creating her story and the wordplay between the characters enhances the story. Though a change of pace for Ms. Hill, her fans will enjoy THE LAST VIKING as much as her other time-travel romances.

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Truly, Madly Viking


His boat off-course, somehow getting thrust into the twenty-first century, Jorund Ericsson has cause to question his surroundings. And though the befuddled Viking thinks he's found heaven when he catches sight of the comely wench with the man-hair and the kiss-some lips, the lovely doctor simply thinks him crazy. And Jorund realizes the only thing that has driven him to the edge is her enticing figure. He skyrockets from the water and into Maggie's life: all sinewy muscles in a flawlessly proportioned body, a swath of long blond hair swept back from his brow. His claim to be a Viking from the tenth century makes her smile. But it isn't laughter that causes her stomach to flutter when the Hercules look-alike claims her lips. And soon he has her believing his story, though questioning her own sanity. Then the psychologist realizes there is another possibility: Neither of them is truly mad-but both of them are truly, madly in love.
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 Самый мужественный викинг / The Very Virile Viking



Magnus Ericsson is a simple man. He loves the smell of fresh-turned dirt after springtime plowing. He loves the feel of a soft woman under him in the bed furs. He loves the heft of a good sword in his fighting arm. But, Holy Thor, what he does not relish is the bothersome brood of children he's been saddled with. Or the mysterious happenstance that strands him and his longship full of maddening offspring in a strange new land, where the folks think he is an act-whore (whatever that is), and the woman of his dreams -- a winemaker -- fails to accept that he is her soul mate . . . a man of exceptional talents, not to mention a Very Virile Viking.

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 Отчаянный / Desperado



 When Major Helen Prescott and Rafe Santiago, the man she secretly desires, are transported back to 1850 after a skydiving mission goes horribly wrong, they are mistaken for a legendary bandit and his seductive mistress, and now, on the wrong side of the law, they succumb to undeniable passion.

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Sweeter Savage Love


As politically incorrect as her dream lover was, modern-day psychologist Harriet Ginoza never believed he would cause her any trouble. Then a twist of fate cast her back to the Old South, and she met him in the flesh. But to her disappointment, Etienne Baptiste refused to ravish her--or fulfill her other secret wishes. If Harriet had any hope of making her amorous illusions become passionate reality, she'd have to seduce the charming Creole with a sweeter savage love than she'd imagined possible.
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Frankly, My Dear



 A voodoo spell sends a glamorous model back to the days of the Old South in Louisiana, where she falls in love with the handsome owner of a bayou plantation.

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