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Кордия Байерс "Lady of the Night ".


   Manacled to a stone wall was not the way Katharina Fergersen had planned to spend her vacation. But a wrong turn in the right place and the haunted English castle she was touring was suddenly full of life -- and so was the man bathing before her.
Accused of spying on the loyalist Lord Sedgewick when she was really just ogling, Katharina was tossed in the dungeon.

Set free after explaining her unfortunate predicament to the now-clothed lord, Katharina convinced him she was neither mad nor a witch, but a traveller from another time. As the frosty winter days melted into hot passionate nights, she realized there was more to Kane than just a well-filled pair of breeches. He had sworn never to marry because of an ancient family curse. Yet Katharina was determined not to let this man who had touched her soul escape her, even if it meant giving up all she had ever known to remain Sedgewick's... LADY OF THE NIGHT.

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