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Susan Leslie Liepitz "This Time Together".



To get away and think about the problems in her life, Los Angeles attorney Katherine Marshall takes a trip into the mountains, ending up in a small railroad town of Dunsmuir. In the museum her eyes glance at a century-old newspaper article proclaiming, "Wrong Man Hung for Murder." As she drives out of town a voice tells her to turn down an old dirt road. Katherine finds herself at a river bank where the voice continues to beckon her. Afraid she is going mad, she challenges the voice and falls into the river, knocking her head against a stone. Flynt Avery, recluse and English millionaire, prevents Katherine from drowning in the 19th century. Katherine, recovering from her ordeal, believes she is in a coma and is dreaming everything. As she begins to enjoy Flynt's company, she begins to pay more attention to the insistent voice in her head, telling her she has been transported back in time. She discovers it is Flynt's dead Native American wife Little Deer whose voice she hears, and that Little Deer is desperate to save her beloved husband, even from the grave.

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