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Приключения Тимоти Пилгрим / Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim 1974г.


Режиссер: Jeremy Pollock

Актеры: Paul Culliton, Joey Davidson, David Hemblen, Jack Mather, Arlene Meadows

О фильме: Тимоти осиротевший мальчик, живущий на улицах Торонто,  который мог перемещаться во времени на 100 лет назад и возращаться обратно...

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Название серий и их описание.

1. Zachariah Gibson's Magic Trunk - Timothy after being chased by Barney (Barney alleges Tim owes him $5 for letting shine shoes at a particular street corner) finds an old trunk. Tim takes the trunk back to his place (an abandoned factory building) and takes a closer looker at it. He empties the trunk and finds various old pictures, a book and a hat. He also discovers that the box has a false bottom. He removes the bottom and enters the trunk. When he opens the trunk again, from the inside, he discovers that he is in 1875! He shortly thereafter meets Zachariah Gibson. The duo's brief meeting is interupted by a women (Martha) who claims that Zachariah is a fraud and a cheat!

2. Escape to the Future - Zachariahs broken wagon is stuck on this women's property and his horse got stolen. The women insists that he leaves. Zach and Tim bond - they realize they have to escape from this women, so they both enter the 'magic' trunk and are whisked away to 1975. Zach breaks the heel of his boot. Tim shows Zach around the factory and then takes Zachs boot to Ol' Coop to get repaired.

3. Past Meets Present - Tim takes the boot to Ol' Coop, who is very impressed with the workmanship on the boot. Zach explores the factory a bit more. He finds an old car and proceeds to check it out. Barney snooping around, finds a balloon on the ground. He blows it up and it pops - in the process scaring Zach something fierce (he thought someone was shooting at him). We discover that Coop needs to raise some money post haste, to pay off his mortgage on the shop. Tim visits Wilma's restaurant and gets some food. He returns with the repaired boot and food for Zach.

4. The Missing Half-Penny - Ol' Coop needs an 1871 HP in a hurry so that he can sell his coin collection. This one coin is required so that he can sell his coin collection as a complete set and make enough money to pay off the mortgage. Wilma can only find a 1958 quarter in her till. Tim convices Zach to go with him outside and not just stay at the factory. Zach visits Ol' Coop and is amazed by the kettle. Zach learning on Coop plight rushes back to the wagon and gets the 1871 Half-penny for Coop. He returns just in time to save the day!

5. Trapped in the Past - Zach tells Tim that the 'magic' trunk on occasion moves on its own. Sometimes it gets lost, but eventually it turns up. The duo go back to 1875. The trunk at first turns up inside Martha & Horaces house (the women who's property Zachs wagon is on). The trunk then moves again. Barney finds Tims hideaway and steals Zachs pocketwatch that he left behind. The trunk then moves to a train station in Jerseyville. Tim learns about life in 1870. The duo return to the train station and discover it is closed - they are stuck in 1875!

6. Zachariah's Pioneer Remedy - Timothy is back in 1975. He needs to get some new shoe polish. He gets chased by Barney. He gets caught this time. Zach comes to his rescue. They visit Coop and Zach thinks that Coop may have rheumatism. Zach and Tim go back to the wagon and Zach makes a remedy drink. While they are doing this, the Sherrif, Martha and Horace come after them. Tim mouths off to Martha and all is resolved. The medication works for Coop.

7. The Escaped Prisoner - It is 1875 and a prisoner has escaped. The trunk shows up in a field. The duo make a long walk to a house. A women is about to have a baby. Tim and her daughter go look for the doctor. Tim and the girl find the prisoner and doctor in a 'hostage' situation. They hatch a sceam to get the prisoner. The doctor makes it to the expectant mother and helps her give birth.

8. A Thief at Large - Locked outside the train station, we see Tim dreaming about the 1870's. Zach goes to get some plums. Tim sneaks into the trunk and goes back to 1975. Zach stays back to look for a replacement horse. Tim discovers that Zach's watch is gone. Tim bumps into Barney and sees that he has his watch. A chase ensues. Tim runs to Wilma's restuarant. Wilma got a new TV, to help business pickup. She leaves to go to the store and lets Tim man the restaurant. Barney comes in and Tim hides. When Tim reemerges, he notices that the new TV is gone!

9. Did Barney Do It? - Zach has his broken wagon wheel taken away to be fixed. The guy who fixes it, seems to think that maybe his brother-in-law might have Zachs horse that was 'stolen' (a horse wandered into his stable last week). Barney is apprehended and accused of stealing the TV. Zach isn't convinced that Barney did it. Tim goes to work to shine shoes. He recognizes the boots of a customer as being the same ones as the only other person in the restuarant at the time the TV was stolen. Tim follows the guy home. He tells Zach and Wilma about this. Zach and Tom go to the guys house and see all sorts of stolen merchandise. Barney is not guilty and is let go. Barney delivers the classic "Thanks...For Nothing" line.

10. Returning Home - Zach realizes he must go back to his time. He writes Tim a letter. Zach goes back. Zach gets his horse back and his wheel is fixed. Zach ponders and then goes back to 1975. He needs to give proper good-byes. He visits Coop & Wilma. Zach discusses his future. Zach gives Tim his watch. They say their goodbyes. Zach leaves and everything disappears.



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